One Tough Mother | Postpartum Care Bundle

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Must-Have Essentials for a Better Postpartum Recovery

Prepping for a new baby can be totally overwhelming and it can be difficult to know what you really do (or don’t!) need. But while everyone prepares for and gifts to the baby, it’s far too common to overlook the person who is actually giving birth!

This beautiful box set is the perfect way to ensure you have all the postpartum essentials you need for a faster, easier recovery. Filled with our premium all-natural and plant-based recovery products, this is perfect for baby showers or to send directly to the expecting mom or parent; it’s also the ideal way to prepare yourself for your best fourth trimester.

Why Do Parents Love This Product?

  • Made from certified organic and vegan ingredients, our self care products are clean, paraben-free and designed to help new parents have an easier, faster recovery period.
  • This holistic package supports physical, mental and emotional recovery.
  • Handcrafted and sustainably packed.
  • Personalize your gift by adding a handwritten note at checkout.

What Comes in This Set?

This best-selling box includes our Nipple BalmPerineal Spray and three Sitz Bath Teas, plus 

we include The Postpartum Handbook at no additional cost.

When is the Right Time to Purchase?

An ideal pregnancy gift, we recommend any time after around 20 weeks, to maximize your time with The Postpartum Handbook. If you’re looking for a new mom (or parent) gift, the Nursing Bundle is a great gift option for that first postpartum visit.