New Moon Tea Co. | Pregnancy, Postpartum, Milk Tea


1st Trimester: So much is shifting in this delicate, first trimester, so we’re here with subtle, minty sips to lift nausea, ease anxiety and aid oh-so-needed sleep. All of our herbs are completely pregnancy-safe, so brew as much as you need.

2nd Trimester: The medicinal magic of herbs is here to help you out in your second trimester. Our specifically-plucked pot of alfalfa, oat straw, echinacea, ginger, rose hips, dandelion and lemon balm strengthens your immune system and takes the edge off anxiety and nausea.

3rd Trimester: This is going to be your mighty go-to in that last trimester before baby. For centuries, raspberry leaf has been helping strengthen the uterus, tone the pelvic floor muscle and balance hormones while also offering up magnesium, potassium and B vitamins. By adding in rose hips, you’re also getting vitamin A and C to help steady your immune system. Spearmint remedies digestion, nausea, upset stomach and hormone balance. Once you’ve given birth, keep leaning on this influx of vitamins while the herbs help contract the uterus, quicken recovery time and encourage breast milk production. Last but not least, nettle is here to help with clotting and quicken labour, but also lends bioavailable nutrients like calcium and magnesium to improve iron supply and help the flow of breast milk.

Postpartum: Herbs are here to breathe fresh air into your body anytime, but they especially come to the rescue after labour and delivery. From gentle calendula and oat straw to dandelion and nettle, the list is long of how many natural ingredients are here to lift your energy, give you a sense of stability and offer a greater sense of wellbeing post-pregnancy.

Mamas Milk: From top to bottom and leaf to thistle, our blend is specifically brewed to enrich breast milk while increasing supply and easing infant colic. These herbs should be in every new mama’s back pocket. They work their worth in every cup.

* Non Caffenated *

* Made in BC, Canada *