My name is Britt and I am the owner of Hey Ma.

About a year ago when I found out I was pregnant with my first child & only child Hank, I almost immediately went searching for the perfect maternity wear. Having had a strong relationship with fashion my entire life that is where my focus set on when my head wasn't stuffed in a toilet. I found nothing in my town or even surrounding area. Not a single Maternity store in sight. My only option besides online was rummaging through the thrift stores here, which If I was lucky I would find one pair of bootcut jeans with a stain 5 sizes too small. 

Well, not on my watch, because of this lack of representation in retail for the pregnant ladies out there, Hey Ma was born.

I am so excited bringing maternity wear to Kelowna. I have very carefully and extensively sought out and curated what I think is an incredible blend of brands.

Although my initial aim was to bring maternity wear to the streets of Kelowna I have now come to the realization I want Hey Ma to be more than that. I want it for be for the nursing mom the single mom, the mom of 5 and any other woman who likes our vibe.

It was so important to me to have a consignment section, and within that a "free rack: the last thing I want for this shop is to exclude any mama because of a price tag.