Why Consignment?

Not only is consignment good for the soul and the environment, being the only maternity store in the Okanagan we feel it is our duty to make sure that every mom on every budget has access to the right clothing. If you have had the pleasure of being 8 or 9 months pregnant you know that at a certain point your  baggy shirts and your stretched out leggings aint cutting it anymore! Maternity clothes are essential to the pregnant population. In a time when it can be hard to feel pretty we want to help do that in any way we can.

If you want to consign your maternity clothes just pop into the shop and lets make a deal! I generally pay out between $5 per piece so I can re-sell at a fair cost to the mamas. 

Please bring in season items to Britt while she is at the shop Monday - Wednesday 


* Please note that we are not accepting consignment for the time being *

April 26, 2021 — brittney mccormick