We are a Womens Collective

We aim to empower women through our clothing and resources

Not Your Average Mom Wear

We have a small section of kids and self-care products as well!! We've got you covered throughout maternity and into "momhood", as comfy as possible and with style.

'Maternity Leave Mondays' ( paused for the time being )

Feeling Good, Saving Money

Maternity Leave Monday’s are all about helping out our mamas on maternity leave or anyone who just had a baby, SAHMs too! We know it can be hard working with a limited budget in that first year off of work.

And while we move to fall hours we will keep this day in place but move it to Tuesdays

We will be offering a discount of 25% off of Maternity Wear, Baby Wear & Baby Accessories including baby wraps, teething necklaces and swaddles.

We as moms often put ourselves last and we want to make it easier for you to put yourself first.

This discount will be solely for Maternity Wear and Baby Wear & Accessories.

You deserve it, you wonderful ray of sunshine !

Mamas for Mamas

We have partnered with Mamas for Mamas and will be donating $1 per sale to their organization. For more information on the organization or to donate directly to them click the donate button below